Coffee Van

A Welsh mobile coffee franchise has joined forces with two Cardiff homeless charities to tackle poverty in South Wales 

Two Cardiff homeless charities, Poor & Hungry and Boomerang Cardiff are to raise money for poverty-stricken families in South Wales.

The two charities with a state-of-the-art mobile coffee van, which will be used to serve fresh coffee and food in central Cardiff and at festivals across the country.

All profits raised from the van will be re-invested into the charities and put towards their goal of reducing poverty across the country.

Coffee Blue UK franchise manager, Martin Jones, said: "We are thrilled to be partnering up with Poor & Hungry and Boomerang Cardiff.

"When we first heard about their plans, we simply had to say yes.

"Coffee Blue is all about helping people obtain a better quality of life. The teams at Poor & Hungry and Boomerang Cardiff share this vision.

"Homelessness in Wales is at an alarming level. We will be doing everything possible on our end to make sure this partnership is a success."

24 per cent of people in Wales were living in relative income poverty between 2015/16 and 2016/17, according to the Welsh Government.

Statistics from the Government also show the percentage of working-age adults and pensioners in relative income poverty has also increased during this period.

Further research has shown that Wales was the only country in the UK that saw child poverty increase over the past year, with an estimated 29.3 per cent of children in Wales living in poverty.

A representative of Poor & Hungry has said: "These days, we are only two pay cheques away from becoming homeless.

"Particularly in Wales, poverty is a massive issue many households face.

"We have high hopes this partnership with Coffee Blue and Boomerang Cardiff will be our first major step as a charity to grow and become a nationally - and eventually internationally - recognised name.

"We will be taking our van across Cardiff City Centre and even bringing it to giant festivals across the country - including Glastonbury, hopefully.

"The Coffee Blue team has been extremely understanding of our vision. And we can't wait to hit the road in our new van!"

Based in East Moors, Boomerang Cardiff helps citizens who have fallen on hard times find their footing.

Through the help of the local community and a team of volunteers, the charity delivers mentoring in CV writing, interview skills, confidence building, finance management and more to individuals experiencing poverty.

One of Boomerang's main volunteers is Director, Dave Summers. Dave, himself, has been homeless and says he hopes his previous struggles can be used to help others break out of poverty.

He said: "I know first-hand what it is like for people on the streets.

"I was homeless for around 7 years. In that time, I have had 2 periods of my life, each lasting 6 months or longer, where I felt I had no other option than to sleep rough. I've been through 5 different homeless hostels, homeless pods and floor space in The Huggard Centre."

"I consider myself to be very lucky with the people I have around me in my life and I'm also proud of what I've been able to achieve since turning my life around.

"I now want to focus all my future efforts into helping people who find themselves in situations similar to my own"

"The work we have planned in partnership with Poor & Hungry and Coffee Blue truly excites me.

"We know how big of an issue homelessness is in Wales. But we hope that following the success of the Homeless World Cup in Cardiff, we will be able to capitalise on the awareness raised by that and increase it even further."

Coffee Blue's joint franchise with Poor & Hungry and Boomerang Cardiff hits the streets of Central Cardiff on Monday September 9th.

For details of where you will be able to find us, please see our Facebook pages for updates.

You can reach Poor & Hungry Facebook page here

You can reach Boomerang Cardiff Facebook page here

To find out more about Coffee Blue, the franchise that has helped us kick start this project, please click here